Private Sessions, Classes & Workshops


Clinical Somatic Sessions

90 MINUTES $125

New client Initial session | 1.5 Hours 

  • Private, hands-on clinical lessons are the fastest way to resolve chronic pain with Somatic Education.

  • Each session teaches you how to control movements and muscle groups related to your movement use-patterns.

  • Specific hands-on techniques provide precise sensory feedback from a trained practitioner, resulting in profound and quick improvements.

  • Clinical sessions help to release chronically tight muscles that engage without us being consciously aware of the holding pattern.

  • Includes discussion about medical history, health questionnaire and posture and gait assessment.

Clinical Somatic Sessions

65 MINUTES $90

  • Each session after your initial visit, will continue to address your goals and concerns.

  • Includes complete hands-on movement lesson.

  • Re-educate your brain and muscles to control movements that may be causing you acute symptoms or pain/tightness.

  • Review questions and previous homework.

  • Add new and integrate learned self-care movements that apply to your session and help you find more freedom and flexibility in your movements and in life.

4-6 sessions are recommended for re-educating and re-learning healthy patterns that will help relieve the unconscious muscular habits causing pain, poor posture, and other symptoms.

4 Session Newcomer Special = $375 (regular price $395) Includes Initial 1.5 hr. session + three more 65min sessions.

5 Session Newcomer Special = $460 (regular price $485) Includes Initial 1.5 hr. session + four more 65min sessions.

6 Session Newcomer Special = $545 (regular price $575) Includes Initial 1.5 hr. session + 5 more 65min sessions.

Online Skype/Facetime Sessions for Distance Clients

60 MINUTES $85 • 3 Session Package $235

Excited to learn more and develop your own home practice with greater accuracy?

Gain more results after working with me in a private Clinical Somatic setting.

Book follow-up FaceTime (or Skype) sessions designed to support you in integrating what you’ve learned. 

  • Online learning available for: clients that have had clinical somatic sessions as well as regular attendees of my group classes.

Meeting online is beneficial because it helps you reinforce and refine the principles and experiential movements you’re doing at home. Online sessions help you further decrease pain or tightness and can include a mix of Somatic movements, yoga, strengthening and mindfulness/meditation, customized to fit your needs.

Use the online sessions as:

  • Supplemental to live sessions when traveling or unable to meet in person.

  • Motivation to move forward with a supportive, self-care program.

  • Continuing education about the techniques you learn in a live session.

  • A compliment to healing therapies for an injury or illness.

  • An opportunity for ongoing well-being and stress-relief.

Somatic Movement Classes

75 - 90 MINUTES $18 (Depending on location)

Join Pamela in her popular, weekly group classes called EASE IN MOTION Somatic Movement Class. 

  • You don’t have to be flexible to do well.

  • The classes aren’t about twisting or forcing yourself into a pose.

  • If you ever feel “too tight,” “too old” or “too out of shape,” this class is for you

  • Class participants benefit from slowing down and turning off “auto-pilot” habits to reduce stress, regain movement, breathe better and feel energized.

  • If you’re very active (athlete or weekend warrior) and pain/tightness is getting in the way of an activity, this class is for you.

Custom Somatic Movement Classes

90 MINUTES $25 Per person (with a minimum of 4 people in the class)

For students that want a smaller more personalized class setting in their home/workplace: designed to meet the needs of 4-6+ participants.  This option works for a group of friends/family that want to have their own class designed to meet the needs of each participant, without having to leave home or office. 

I come to your destination (upcountry/central) and provide the custom class on site. 

*For larger groups, please inquire via email:


Workshops are presented throughout the year. Please contact Pamela for details and workshop descriptions. 

Workshops presented include: 

  • The Myth of Aging Part 1 & 2

  • Clear the Clutter in your Head (A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation)

  • Seated Somatics for Desk Workers

  • Shoulder, Neck and Upper Back Freedom

  • Dynamic Aging Part 1 – Foundation Starts in the Feet (discover Pain-Free Feet Solutions)

  • Dynamic Aging Part 2 – Balance, Stability & Walking

  • Somatic Solutions for Tight Hips & Psoas


Somatic Movement Classes are held at two different locations on Maui. Registration is required.

Private, customized classes at work/home are also available by request.

Please click here or email to register for a class.

Longevity Health Center

2045 Main St., Wailuku, HI 96793 

Tuesdays 9:00-10:15am

Thursdays 10:30-11:45am

Cost: $17-20 (sliding scale)




Hale ʻO Nā Kāula

(Lower Floor)

262 Anuhea Pl., Pukalani, HI 96768

Wednesdays 4:30-6:00pm

Cost: $18