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Private Clinical Somatic Sessions

If you want to move with ease and comfort for the rest of your life, the formula is simple: Get your brain involved and do Somatics to set the stage for a healthy, active life.

  • Experience less stiffness in your back, neck, and hips.

  • Shift your posture effectively without force.

  • Feel empowered with tools to help yourself.

  • Get back to the activities you love by unravelling the years of knots in your body.

  • Turn back the hands of time with safe, pain-free movement. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel old.

Your body will feel younger, lighter and more balanced






Clients report feeling:

  • Greater flexibility and improved balance

  • Deeply relaxed

  • Less tight/stiff

  • Posture that is more youthful

  • Relief from the back, neck, shoulder or hip pain that they once came in with

  • Improvement in golf, biking, water sports, walking/running/hiking


What to expect from me:

  • A personalized hands-on healing and educational experience

  • Practical tools to take home so you can continue to progress

  • Open communication and support via email/text/phone


How Clinical Sessions work:

step 1

Our first session includes: a posture/gait assessment, medical history and finding unique patterns of over-use that could be creating imbalances or impacting your posture and daily activities. Afterwards, we will implement a somatic lesson that is particular to your unique habits. This will help you begin to move without your current pain patterns or tightness.

step 2

With each visit thereafter we’ll assess your posture, re-educate your nervous system with gentle/easy movements and discover the root causes of your symptoms to support you in decreasing patterns of pain or stiffness. You will be learning to control involuntary or unconscious muscular patterns and create healthier movement patterns that will eliminate aches and pain and help you move with more freely like you used to.

Please be aware that what’s causing your discomfort may be in a different area of the body than where the pain, strain, tightness, or immobility is showing up.

step 3

We'll continue to focus on slow movements while implementing hands-on resistance. These specific hands-on techniques provide precise sensory feedback to help you make lasting changes and quick improvements..  Our goal is to help you retrain your brain to release chronic tightness or tired muscles and regain flexibility without force. Shifting habitual patterns and unconscious stress reflexes can take multiple sessions and does require you to practice at home in addition to simple lifestyle and habit changes. Take-home suggestions will be available with each new lesson. Remember, the more Somatics you practice, the better you will continue to feel.

Together, we can prevent future injury and pain in a way that works for your lifestyle.

To find out more about a Clinical Somatics experience , click here.

Client Testimonials

My upper shoulder pain is gone! Had my fitness class today with weights and no pain. Whatever you did yesterday worked... thank you
— Debi S.
I finally did what you said and practiced Somatics before I went to play golf and I played my best round!
— Rosie A.
Yesterday’s class was Divine! Thank you again, my body needed it. I fell fast asleep by 8 pm which never happens. I am truly inspired by your class!
— Kaulana O.

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