What is Clinical Somatics and is it Right for Me?


Clinical Somatic Education, also called Hanna Somatics (founder Thomas Hanna), engages the nervous system using an active learning process to help relax muscles, ease pain and improve posture and movement patterns - resolving imbalances. Clinical Somatics teaches you to regain control and restore full activity and performance when practiced long term.


Clinical Somatics involves slow, focused and gentle movements known as neuromuscular retraining.  A Clinical Somatic Educator uses sophisticated hands-on tools/techniques to teach clients to move and change their own neuromuscular system (allowing muscles to relax and stay lengthened). The client is active in Clinical Somatics vs. other hands-on therapies that allow the client to take a more passive role.  


Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is a learned, adaptive response of the nervous system. People who have SMA hold some muscles contracted all the time. However, they are not aware they are doing that.  Sensory Motor Amnesia develops from a person’s response to stress, habituation, or trauma, (injury/surgery/sport or use-patterns). Through Somatic Movement Education, each of us has the ability to relieve this motor amnesia that creates much of our muscular pain, tightness, poor posture and can lead to other chronic health conditions.


Recalibrating and getting a daily stretch is great, but the muscles will only lengthen to where they are able to in that moment. If you really want to change the potential of your muscles over time, your brain needs to tell your muscles what to do. This is the focus of Clinical Somatic Education.  


Conditions and Benefits

Clinical Somatic Education helps you reduce pain, move more comfortably, improve posture, increase flexibility, manage stress, age successfully, prevent or heal from injury, feel more energized, enhance athletic performance, deepen awareness and create a positive environment for overall health and wellbeing.  


Learn with Pam

If you want to move with ease and comfort for the rest of your life, the formula is simple: Get your brain involved and let Somatics set the stage for a healthy, active life. 

The quickest way to change patterns that are causing pain, stiffness or discomfort is through Private Clinical Somatic Sessions. These sessions can improve sport performance, enhance relaxation and counter-act common physical limitations and/or aches caused by aging.

Which learning path works for you? I offer Clinical Sessions (individual), Workshops, Small Custom Group Classes (in-home or office/workplace) or Public Group Glasses.


Meet Pam

Aloha! I’m Pam, a compassionate, open-hearted Clinical Somatic Educator and yoga therapist committed to sharing aloha and helping you thrive in health and life. 

Serving as a guide and facilitator in Clinical Somatic Education, my mission is to help you move with more ease and feel better as you age. Somatics helps clients build confidence, renew a sense of self and reclaim personal empowerment by learning to move more freely, with less restriction. 

There is no 'one formula’ that works for all. Let’s find a way to support your unique journey in finding a lifestyle that feels more energized and less stressed.